Dawn & Demons

Dawn & Demons

"Dawn and demons" is the first expansion for “Rise of the Necromancers”, that features 4 highly detailed Demon miniatures, and the opportunity to summon and command them. The demons are the generals of your undead army, and now you have two pieces on the board, enabling your Necromancer to research the dark arts while your demon general conquers the lands in the name of its master. 

Dawn & Demons also offers CO-OP MODE, where players work together, to fight off the invasion of the forces of light, the Arch Bishop and the pending dawn. In SOLO-MODE you have to fight off the invasion on your own. To win, all players have to place their 13 Dominion Counters before the Arch Bishop calls forth the Dawn and banishes all necromancers and their minions. Cities will be reinforced by soldiers and mighty griffon knights seek out libraries, workshops and dungeons to purge them of evil. Players will work together and share their evil plans and summon mighty demons to crush the forces of light.

Dawn & Demons Rulebook

PDF-Rules for Dawn & Demons German version

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PDF-Rules for Dawn & Demons

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